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  • November 11, 2016
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A New Parent’s Guide to Having the Perfect Home

Nurturing our children and providing a healthy and safe environment for their growth is the most important thing we can do as parents. The kind of environment that children grow up in determines how healthy and happy they will be throughout their lives. Children are highly energetic, and while this is a wonderful thing, it also makes them more prone to accident, but thankfully, most of these problems can be dealt with by taking simple precautions.

Baby Proofing your Home

Infants are very unaware of their surroundings which creates potential for accidents. Potential hazards include stairs, furniture, slippery floors etc., all of which could be dangerous to toddlers, whether or not they have someone watching them. Furniture related accidents can be prevented in simple ways, by being taped to the ground or nailed to the walls, so that infants aren’t able to pull them over or topple them. Sharp furniture edges should also be taped with foam to prevents kids from bumping against them and getting hurt.

Preventing Kitchen Accidents

Every kitchen has sharp objects or hot utensils at almost all times. Making sure these are never in reach of your toddler is vital. For this, all sharp objects should be kept inside wall cabinets, and cabinet doors should be kept closed at all times. The handles of utensils and pots on the stove should be turned inwards so that children cannot pull them down.

Slipping and falling are two major causes of injuries in young children. To avoid such incidents, staircases should be gated, while bathrooms and other areas that have wet floors should have non-slip mats. Additionally, if your child sleeps in a crib, ensure that he or she cannot climb out of it.

Ensuring a Clean Indoor Environment

Babies are very susceptible to infections and allergies. The presence of paint vapours, kitchen smoke, dust and mold in the home can result in severe allergies in kids. The best way to tackle these problems is through the use of an air purifier, which deals with both micro-organisms and particulate matter at the same time. These appliances are designed to remove all kinds of impurities from the air, assuring you that your children are not exposed to harmful pollutants and have clean and fresh air at all times. This is crucial in providing a healthy start to your child’s life.

Taking these precautions and preventive measures ensure your toddler has a healthy and safe childhood and a long and fruitful life always.

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