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  • April 30, 2019
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Don’t Let the Wires Play with Your Guests

You went to your neighbour’s place and rang the doorbell which probably you can’t hear. Nobody turns up to open the door. And you thought possibly nobody is home. On the very next day, you met the same neighbor by chance and told him about the incident to which he justified that he was home for the whole day and couldn’t hear any ring. In fact, two or more people told him the same thing and he curiously checked just to find out the doorbell isn’t working. He called up the electrician and discovered that the wire is not in place and thus, the doorbell isn’t making any sound.

This is a very common problem which can happen with you as well. To avoid such a situation, it is a good idea to invest in a wireless doorbell. It is also advisable to go for a doorbell from a trusted brand seeing that there are many options in the market. To ease your hunt, Havells – a notable brand in the electrical products segment – offers the Sensebell Wireless AC Plugin Doorbell which reciprocates well on a signal.

Infused with the advanced technology, this Wireless Doorbell is absolutely portable and comes in the form of two main components, the receiver and the transmitter. The digital wireless AC doorbell receiver has an LED flashing indicator and an inbuilt room temperature display sensor. It can be easily plugged in any 2-pin socket of any room. You can adjust its volume (high/mid/low) as per the required sound level, while selecting from the range of 51 polyphonic tunes.

The weatherproof transmitter of Sensebell Wireless AC Plugin Doorbell is no less. With a range up to 120 m in open air, the remote (transmitter) features a working radio frequency of 315 MHz ± 5 MHz. It is operated by a 12 V 23 A battery which comes along with the doorbell. This wireless doorbell comes with the capability of learning code for connecting multiple receivers with single transmitter & vice versa. Other than being used as a doorbell, it can be used in multiple applications for both residential and commercial work spaces.

All you need to do is plug in. Yes, the installation of this doorbell is as simple as that. No tools, no wires and no fuss. The Sensebell Wireless AC Plugin Doorbell by Havells is simply impressive with its weatherproof transmitter, volume control, range of tunes, LED indicator, inbuilt room temperature sensor and the very reason of having a doorbell. Get this ‘fit and forget’ doorbell and take pleasure in its performance for years.

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