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Some Healthy Dishes to Try Out This Ganesh Chaturthi

Yes, Ganapati Bappa – the favorite of everyone – has arrived on 13th September and people are worshipping the Lord with sheer devotion. Amidst the magnificently decorated pandals (temporary shrines), pious rituals, amazing dances and other celebrations, what else that captures our attention is the gamut of delicacies offered to the Elephant-Headed Lord.  During the 10-day fiesta, food offerings – which may vary from day to day and place to place – are made to the Lord. Though there can be infinite number of dishes, given below are some healthy and amazingly delicious vegetarian dishes that can be tried during Ganesh Chaturthi.

Rajgira Laddoo – Rajgira, also known as Ramdana, is a powerhouse of nutrients like iron, magnesium, calcium, protein, and Vitamin A, B and C. The grain contains soluble fibre and unsaturated fatty acids that assist in reducing cholesterol level and maintaining a healthy heart. If you happen to be one of those health conscious people, Rajgira Laddoos are just perfect to munch on without any guilt. Though available at all grocery shops, you can make these laddoos easily at home.

Gur Nariyal Vadi – The festivities of Ganesh Chaturthi are incomplete without the utterly delicious Gur Nariyal Vadi. Made with grated coconut and gur (jaggery), Gur Nariyal Vadi is a healthy and tasty dessert which is also recommended for diabetics. In Maharashtra, especially in Mumbai, this dish is available across all the sweet shops during Ganesh Chaturthi.

Sabudana Kheer – One of the most popular desserts prepared during festivals and fasting days, Sabudana Kheer is a carbohydrate-rich dish yet low on calories. It serves as a light meal, gives sufficient energy though. If you want to refrain from oily and heavy meals, then Sabudana Kheer is a healthy option. It can be easily made at home. However, it is available in many restaurants during fasting days.

Dhokla – Dhokla is one of the healthiest snacks, made with yogurt and chickpea flour (besan). This fat-free snack is rich in protein and Vitamin B. It definitely makes one of the healthy food options during the festivities. Dhokla is available at almost all sweet shops and restaurants. It can also be easily made at home.

Rishi Bhaji – Rishi Bhaji is an old yet popular dish made with various vegetables on the auspicious day of Rishi Panchami, which falls on the next day of Ganesh Chaturthi. It is a healthy and scrumptious mix of vegetables, which tastes great with Indian bread. The best part about this semi-dry dish is that there is no hard and fast rule to add set proportion of vegetables. You can add on or lessen the amount of particular vegetable as per your taste and requirement.

Thalipeeth – Thalipeeth is essentially a multi-grain pancake made from chana dal, urad dal, wheat and rice. It is one of the most popular and healthiest dishes to savor in Mumbai during Ganesh Chaturthi. Its original recipe can also be tweaked by adding oats, green chillies and ginger. Thalipeeth is generally served with butter, ghee or yogurt. Enjoy this healthy snack and stay fit!

Varanfal – Varanfal is a traditional Maharashtrian dish which is made of whole wheat dumplings cooked in a sweet, sour and spicy toor dal curry. It is easy to prepare, tastes good and healthy to devour. Varanfal is apt for people on a diet or who want to eat healthy food items during the festivities of Ganesh Chaturthi.

Chawli Usal – One of the major dishes loved by Maharashtrians, Chawli Usal is a healthy dish loaded with nutrients. Chawli or cow peas is a healthy food that helps to lose weight, controls blood sugar, lowers cholesterol, and aids digestion. The spicy, creamy Usal is best complemented with steamed rice or poori (fried Indian bread). If you wish to indulge in a full course healthy meal, Chawli Usal is the best and is readily available in restaurants specializing in Maharashtrian cuisine.

Baked Samosa – We all love samosa, but the sight of oil reminds us that it is unhealthy. So, if you want to stay clear of fried ones, dig in baked samosas which you can make at home using an air-fryer. You can make it healthier by replacing potatoes with other vegetables like peas, carrot, beans, and broccoli.

Churma na Laddoo – Lord Ganesha is believed to have a special affinity for laddoos. The traditional Churma na Laddoo is one of healthy laddoos. It consists of deep fried wheat flour dough balls which are sweetened with jaggery instead of sugar. The churma or mixture of dough balls is further enhanced with coconut and sesame seeds to increase the nutritional value and taste of the dish.  Churma na Ladoo is easy to prepare at home, and is also available across all sweet shops in Mumbai.

On a Healthy Note

Health is wealth. And one should always remember that. Festivals do call for indulgence in favorite foods, but it should be in limits. Healthy dishes are the best as they keep you energized, without scarring your digestion. So, indulge your taste buds in healthy snacks and desserts this Ganesh Chaturthi and enjoy the festivities. Of course, preparing dishes at home requires efforts. And to ease your task, Havells has a smart range of cooking and food preparation appliances. Let these appliances assist you in making the dishes, while you garner all the praises for the wholesome food!

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