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  • November 7, 2018
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A Happy and Prosperous Diwali to You All

Havells wishes everyone a very Happy Diwali 2018. May this festival of light throw prosperity and shower you with loads of joyous moments that you will cherish for life. Diwali has a special place in every Indian’s heart as it crosses all boundaries and limitations to touch every life bringing a bright smile.

At Havells, we are working every minute to bring happiness into your life through our products and services. We may be many brands but we are one house of Havells that touches your life every day. Our extensive product range meets every need of our customers.

Our consumer-focused products include the well-known Havells fans that are known for their long-life and energy efficiency, and the best of them all, the premium, classy, and trendy looks that are unmatched. Our lighting range feature the latest and mightiest technologies from the world of lighting that has been consistently improving and enhancing people’s lives.

Ask any woman or a man who has used a Havells product in the kitchen and they will vouch for the innovative and user-friendly features we keep pumping into our range of kitchen appliances. From cooking, food preparation, brewing to garment care, we have it all covered.

Modular switches by Havells are the only switches you will need if you are looking for classy and safe replacement for your existing switches or new installations that are also cost-efficient. Our switchgears are the silent warriors as they have been protecting homes, appliances, and humans across the nation quietly in the distribution board. You can count on our switchgear products for safety, security, and consistent electrical performance in your home or office.

Come this winter, Havells water heaters provide a safe way to get instant hot water for shower or washing utensils in the kitchen. Havells provide some of the most advanced water heaters with digital displays and a host of other information. Diwali is also a time for high level of pollution and sickness due to deteriorating health. Havells’ air purifiers provide clean and pure air for indoor pollution.

Wires and cables are legacy products of Havells that don’t catch fire. They are well-known and have been protecting and keeping homes and lives safe for decades across India and overseas. Havells wires are a class apart with their superior quality and standards set by global safety bodies. You can’t go wrong with Havells wires and cables.

Havells also cools summers down with its range of innovative air coolers. Havells is the only brand that feature some unique features in air coolers that are unmatched by the competition. Its air coolers have ingenious designs and features to provide dust-free air and superior convenience that regular coolers fail to provide.

For the people out in the field and into farming, or regular residents who use motors to pump water into the above-head storage tanks, Havells has the right set of pumps that are durable, offer strong performance, and require least maintenance. Breakdowns are very rare with Havells motors as they are purpose-built and come in a variety of pump forms like centrifugal, monoblock, submersible, etc., for respective applications.

Havells also has a strong presence in the grooming category with its range of grooming products for both men and women. Especially popular with the youth, Havells grooming products come in trendy colors and feature user-friendly forms to deliver superior performance.

Water being one of the most essential elements of our existence, Havells has a strong market presence in the water purification category. It provides 100% RO purification along with natural mineralization of water that not many can boast about. Among others, the range is also known for its super premium design, unique convenient features, and the best after-sales service, unlike any other.

In line with sustainability and environment conservation, Havells has an elaborate range of solar based solutions for lighting to electricity backup. With partnerships with global giants in solar industry and exclusive access to technologies, Havells solar solutions provide some of the best environment-friendly products that save big on energy bills while conserving the nature.

The house of Havells is a one-stop center everybody looking to improve and enhance lifestyle. Once again, we wish you a very happy and prosperous Diwali 2018.

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