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  • by Havells India
  • November 15, 2018
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Welcome the Chills this Winter with the Warmth of Havells Water Heaters

The winter has come knocking on the door across the North and rest of India. It is only going to get colder as the new year approaches. The chilliness may widely vary from North to South, East to West, however, what would be common among them is the need for a water heater. Whether it is instant hot water for the kitchen or perennial supply of super-heated water for those long hot showers, water heaters come in all sizes, shapes, and features to get the job done.

Modern technology has transformed water heaters and made their job much more than just heating the water. Back in the days, decades ago, these devices were unsafe to use and posed the risk of electrocution in case of an accidental contact. The closed-lid electric boilers were a common heating appliance in the past but they took a long time to heat the water and the level of hotness depended on how long they were turned on. Keep it on for long and the water would get too hot and turn it off too soon then it would not be hot enough to be of any use.

Electricity consumption was another aspect with these old water heaters that required attention. Due to their inefficient electrical functions and lack of control options, they tend to waste a lot of electricity that resulted in expensive energy bills over a period of usage. They also did not retain hot water for very long and the water was to be used immediately creating many limitations. Fast forward to today, there are a host of technologies powering water heaters with energy efficient designs and convenient user-friendly features that make them safe and easy to use in bathrooms, kitchens, and commercial setups.

Havells is one of the leading electrical manufacturers in India that offers a complete range of water heaters for all kinds of use and every household needs for varied geographies and climates. The range includes the general-purpose storage water heaters, instant water heaters, instant gas based water heaters, and solar water heaters.

The top of the range Adonia storage water heaters feature unique and smart features like temperature sensitive LED indicators, remote control, real-time temperature display, feather touch controls, shock safe plug, and much more. It also ensures corrosion free operation to a great extent and retains the hotness of water for a very long time.

The instant water heater range have rust and shock proof body construction for a long-lasting performance, durability, continued operation, and most importantly safety. These water heaters can also withstand high water pressure that are usually common in high rise buildings. They provide instant heater water at the flick of the power switch.

The gas based instant water heaters are ideal for cities where gas connections are available in the bathroom and kitchen offering a cost-effective and convenient way of heating water. These heaters are available in tanks of up to 6 liters in volume.

The latest entrant in the water heaters range is the sun power based solar water heaters. These water heaters are coupled with a rooftop solar panel arrangement that generate free energy from the power of sun to heat up water for bathroom, kitchen and other purposes. These water heaters require very less maintenance, and they are designed to yield maximum energy with minimal input costs. The tanks are made to store hot water with minimal heat loss. They are also made up of an extra thick inner stainless steel construction for a long-lasting performance without needing any maintenance, repair, or replacement. To learn more about the entire range of water heaters by Havells, click here.

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