A Safe TDS Level does NOT mean Safe Drinking Water
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  • January 23, 2018
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A Safe TDS Level does NOT mean Safe Drinking Water

It’s a fact that our drinking water supplied from various water treatment plants may still contain harmful chemicals. This makes it necessary to use proper filtration processes that remove hazardous contaminants and make water safe for drinking. Amongst various other contaminants, Totally Dissolved Solids or TDS is given widespread prominence.

Simply put, these refer to the total amount of charged mineral content in the water. TDS defines the purity and quality of water and can easily be determined by measuring the conductivity of the water sample in hand, which is exactly what most inapt TDS systems do. Deionised water, which has a TDS of zero, when exposed to minerals with sodium, calcium, and magnesium content results in the rise of TDS levels. This increase not only changes the taste of the water but also lead to numerous health hazards. This makes it is necessary to maintain a healthy TDS level.

Why is it essential to Measure TDS?

Often, the water accessible to you contains sodium, potassium and chloride which has high TDS levels. However, the presence of toxic ions such as cadmium, nitrate and arsenic can lead to many health hazards if consumed. If the TDS level in water is more than 1000mg/L, it becomes unfit for consumption. Children are the ones maximum affected by this, as their defence systems are not entirely developed making them susceptible to contaminates. This makes it necessary to measure the TDS level and consume pure water.

Does TDS lead to serious Health issues?

TDS present in the water is not a measurement of any single contaminant because of which it is often not considered a as health issue. However, The Environmental Protection Agency USA has set the TDS level at 500mg/l. If you are wondering how to test TDS levels, this is done with the help of a TDS meter.  Tests are conducted which help accumulate the number of dissolved solids present in the water. That said, it doesn’t identify any one contaminant in water because of which additional tests are recommended.

Water purifiers help maintain the TDS level in water. But even the best water purification systems require monitoring to ensure the membranes effectively removing bacteria and harmful particles from the water. When constantly tested for TDS, there are numerous factors are taken into consideration. Such as:

  1. Health/Taste – A high TDS level results in unfavourable salty or bitter taste of water. This also indicates the presence of toxic minerals.
  2. Hardness – High TDS makes the water hard. If consumed, it can lead to numerous health hazards like neurological disorders.
  3. Aquamarines – The water in aquariums or tank need to have same level of TDS as the fish in their original habitats. If not, it can cause the death of these animals.
  4. Pools and Spa – TDS level in pools and spa must be monitored to avoid any maintenance problems or skin related allergies in people.

Removal of TDS in Water

One of the most effective ways to maintain or remove high TDS is using a safe RO purifier. This can be achieved through various procedures.

Reverse Osmosis Process

Contaminates that are larger than 2 microns are termed as TDS. The process of R.O removes TDS by forcing the water, through a synthetic membrane under pressure. The membrane is made up of microscopic pores which allow molecules smaller than 0.0001 microns to pass through. As elements like metals and salts are larger than water molecules, water passes through the membrane leaving contaminates behind.

Distillation Process

The process involves boiling of water to form water vapour. This vapour rises and sticks to a cool surface and condenses back to liquid. The dissolved metals and salts fail to vaporise which remain in the boiling solution.

Deionisation Process

Deionisation works with the positive negative electrode process. The water is first passed through the R.O unit to remove the non-ionic organic contaminants. It is then passed through the two electrodes where the ion selective membranes push the positive ions to separate from water and move towards negative electrode. In the end you get a completely deionised water with high purity content.

A safe TDS level does not mean safe drinking water

As TDS simply refers to the total amount of dissolved solids in water, its level is no way the only indication of purity of water. In fact, there are many types of water pollution including new-age contaminants from industrial wastes and from the overuse of pesticides and fertilizers. Also, there are harmful biological and chemical elements present in the water that cannot be seen or tasted. Some of these pollutants can be extremely toxic in nature and may lead to serious health conditions. And, this makes a strong case for the use of a good water purifier.

The Havells Water Purifier range not only maintains and removes the excess TDS level but also consist of other smart features which are essential for removing toxic elements from the water, giving you pure and healthy water. Let’s explore what these features are.

100% R.O and UV Purification

The 100% RO and UV purification means 100% of water is passed through the purification system, to ensure that you consume absolute safe and healthy water. Along with this, the water is treated with UV exposure every four hours which ensures that untouched water doesn’t go bad.

Mineralz and Revitalizer

The Mineralz feature of Havells Water Purifier adds back more than 25 naturally-occurring minerals which are lost during the RO process and delivers a healthier and tastier water in the end. Along with this, Havells also features the revitalizer which not only restructures the water molecule but also makes it biologically active to improve the hydration and absorption of water in the body.

iProtect Purification Monitoring

The critical purification functions of the water purifier are constantly monitored with the unique iProtect feature of Havells that automatically shuts off the device if it detects any malfunction, ensuring absolute safe drinking water or no water at all.

Germicidal UV

The germicidal UV feature of Havells purifier comes with an optimum dose of 253.7nm irradiation for water purification.  The UV light kill or inactivate the microorganisms hence destroying their nucleic acids, disrupting their DNA and leaving them incapable of harming humans.

Consuming pure water, with a controlled TDS level, optimum taste, pH value, and free from biological and chemical contaminants is essential for the human body. Investing in a good water purifier is vital. Drinking clean, safe, pure, and healthy water ensures that you and your loved ones can stay healthy and go about living a happy and fulfilling life.

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