Combating New-age Water Pollution with New-age Purification Technology
Water Purifier
  • by Havells India
  • January 30, 2018
  • Water Purifier

Combating New-age Water Pollution with New-age Purification Technology!

Urbanisation and population growth have introduced new-age pollutants to our water source such as rivers and natural streams. These pollutants include industrial chemical wastes, industrial wastes and technological litters. Besides, fertilizers and pesticides from agriculture run-off are also a major sources of new-age water pollution. Due to the extensive use of these chemicals in farming, our surface and underground water source has also become toxic as fertilizers and pesticides seep into the ground and mix with the water.

Overtime, new-age pollutants have contaminated both sources of water; surface and underground, leading to severe possible health hazards, which might show off few years later in the form of harmful diseases. This is where the role of water purifiers becomes very critical. There are multiple brands in the market offering a range of water purifiers with different technologies.

The question is, which ones ensure 100% safe drinking water for the kind contaminants specific to India without losing out on essential minerals, which Reverse Osmosis (RO) based water purifiers remove during the RO process. At the same time, RO system also imbalances the water pH (potential of hydrogen) levels. And, drinking water with high or low pH level can lead to a number of health issues.

In addition, currently, due to increased urbanization, air and water pollution is a widespread occurrence directly resulting in greater presence of pH levels in the water. Heightened levels of pH lead to water becoming more acidic in general.

To counter these challenges, Havells has launched a range of Water Purifiers that provide best-in-class purification technology, where all impurities including new-age pollutants are removed. The range has a Mineralz fortification stage that balances pH level and adds back 21 different essential minerals and trace elements. Further, Revitalizer stage breaks water molecules into smaller clusters for improved hydration and mineral absorption in human body.

All purifiers come with 100% RO and UV purification, which essentially means that 100% of water is purified through RO and UV and thus are able to deliver on brand promise of safe and healthy water, unlike in many competing brands where water is bypassed through RO.

Havells has also introduced a unique double UV protection feature, which means water is treated with UV every 4 hours to ensure freshness and purity of water as stored water in a tank can lead to recontamination.

On top of these advanced purification technologies, the brand has developed iProtect purification monitoring system that makes use of sensors to constantly check if all stages of purification are functioning perfectly. All products have smart interface with the top-end model having a feather touch screen similar to smart phones.

Havells has gone the extra mile to make sure that these water-purifiers eradicate new-age pollutants without losing the essential minerals. They are designed keeping Indian consumers and changing water conditions, especially the new age pollutants, such as pesticides and industrial wastes in mind. As our environment changes, so do the type of toxins and pollutants in air and water. It is imperative that we look for modern technologies adept in combating these newly introduced water pollutants.

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