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  • July 13, 2018
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Not Just Any Ordinary RO, It’s Havells

When it’s about purified water, RO has become a basic norm. And most people, who get these so called “RO water purifiers” with the intention to provide safe drinking water to their loved ones, become the chopping blocks, while the companies actualize profits. Most of the ordinary RO water purifiers provide acidic water which can be dangerous for our health. Regular consumption of acidic water can lead to various health-related problems which can worsen with time. To make the notion clear, first understand what acidic water is.

What is Acidic Water?

Water with a pH of less than 7 is called acidic water. The pH, actually potential hydrogen, refers to the amount of hydrogen mixed with the water. While the scale for pH range from 0 to 14, the ideal pH level is represented at 7 which shows the water is neither acidic nor alkaline. Anything below 7 on the pH scale indicates acidity, the lower the number the higher the acidic level. And anything above 7 indicates alkalinity, the higher the number the higher the alkalinity. Essentially, the pH level of drinking water is acceptable between 6 and 8.5 which renders neither acidic nor entirely alkaline properties to the H2O.

Ordinary RO Purifiers = Acidic Water 

When we use ordinary RO water filters, the water might become free of germs, viruses and different pollutants, but many important minerals also get lost during the filtration process. Moreover, it makes the water acidic, which is actually denatured and molecularly changed from its origin. Forget about health, such water can harm your bones, muscles and joints by absorbing minerals from them. Though our body strikes a balance of the lost minerals with the ones in reserve, it can be dangerous in the long run. It can also result in the internal pH imbalance, draining alkaline reserves and aggravating the chances of getting diseases and infection.

Havells Water Purifiers = pH Balanced Purified Water

With the intention to provide nothing but the best to its consumers, Havells has designed and perfected its water purifier range to remove the unwanted elements, while keeping the essential minerals of the water intact. Its powerful 8-stage purification process removes all the complex impurities and restores the wide spectrum of naturally occurring minerals, ensuring that the purified water is pH balanced, safe and hygienic. Together with a smart design, multi-fill options, auto diagnostic feature, iProtect purification monitoring, revitalizer, mineralz fortification and 100% RO & UV Purification, Havells Water Purifier is a perfect amalgamation of convenience and performance.

Drink Water and Serve Water with Havells Water Purifiers

With Havells Water Purifiers, drink safe and healthy water which is fortified with minerals. And as prescribed by our scriptures and elders, serve water to the people because “Paani Pilana Punya Ka Kaam Hai.”

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