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  • July 23, 2018
  • Water Purifier

Zindagi Mein Koi Bhi Panga Lo, Par Paani Se Panga Mat Lo!

Yes, being a consumer oriented brand, Havells is always concerned about the health of the people. We all are aware with the fact that water is an absolute necessity for our existence. And the water that we get in our taps is not fit for consumption. Thus, we have to install water purification systems in order to get clean, filtered water. But have you ever thought that the filtered water you’re consuming might be acidic? Perhaps not because we often believe that all the water purifiers are same. So, what’s the big deal with a particular brand?

Ordinary Water Purifiers Offer Acidic Water

But it does make a difference. Since ordinary water purifiers filter water without keeping a check on its pH balance, the water – they offer – can be acidic. The acidic water generally contains iron, manganese, copper, lead and zinc. However, the most dangerous could be lead, which can enhance the risk of health problems, like cancer, heart stroke, kidney diseases, memory problems and high blood pressure.

Children are more vulnerable to the risk because their rapidly growing bodies absorb the contaminants promptly. Apart from lead, metals like copper, iron, zinc and manganese are classified under secondary drinking water contaminants, which if found in high levels, can cause health issues, such as, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach cramps, kidney disease, liver disease and nervous system problems.

Why Havells?

Consuming acidic water, in a long run, can lead to various health problems which none of us want to experience. For that reason, Havells has carefully designed an elite range of water purifiers that feature powerful 8-stage water purification while keeping a check on pH balance of the filtered water. Its 100% RO and UV Filtration ensures that each drop of water you get is pure, safe and healthy. Moreover, its smart design lets you to install it in a corner, on a wall or over a tabletop. So, enjoy the goodness of pure water without giving a second thought!

Meet India’s No. 1 Prankster – RJ Naved over Paani Pe Charcha

To make people understand the importance of drinking pH balanced water, the biggest prankster of India – RJ Naved – has collaborated with Havells. And to make it a mass movement, he’s asking people to upload their prank videos on www.paanisepangamatlo.com and the winner will get a chance to meet him personally over Paani Pe Charcha. So, folks, gear up and upload your daring as well as hilarious videos on the given link. And get a chance to meet RJ Naved over a glass of water because zindagi mein koi bhi panga lo, but paani se panga mat lo. Click to know more 

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