Paani Se Panga Mat Lo
Water Purifier
  • by Havells India
  • May 30, 2018
  • Water Purifier

Paani Se Panga Mat Lo!

The importance of water is well-recognized by everyone. As we all know, a human body is more than 60% water and each one of us requires at least 3 liters of clean water to drink every day, water is certainly crucial for our existence. Like the other basic necessities – food, clothes and shelter, water is an essential part of the food component required by everyone to maintain the entire process of digestion and other body functions.

Why Paani Se Panga Mat Lo?

Though water is vital for our survival, the contamination in water has made this essential element absolutely dangerous. Drinking contaminated water can cause various diseases, and in extreme cases or due to continuous intake of such water, can also result in the death of an individual. Obviously, we don’t want to risk our lives, or the lives of our loved ones, by having polluted water. Given that the tap water in our homes is not safe to consume, Havells has strived hard to make world-class water purifiers which ensure 100% RO and UV purification to offer safe and healthy drinking water.

With the thought of Paani se panga mat lo – literally, don’t mess with water, the brand is committed to make people aware about the benefits of drinking clean water and how its water purifiers are competent in dealing with different impurities and hazardous elements present in the tap water. Provided that numerous water purifiers are available in the market nowadays, consumers often get confused in choosing the right one depending on the water quality in their area.

Even if they claim to, most of the water purifiers are not effective to give due protection from the new age pollutants. Keeping this and all other factors in mind, Havells has designed its water purifier range that identifies and removes most of the contaminants effectively. With its powerful 8 stage purification process, the Havells water purifier is capable to remove all complex impurities, while adding naturally occurring essential minerals to ensure that the purified water is pH balanced.

How its 8-Stage Purification Process is Helpful?

The Havells range of water purifiers features an 8-stage purification process, comprising of membrane performance enhancer (prevents scale formation on RO membrane due to hard water), sediment cartridge (removes coarse and finely suspended impurities), activated carbon cartridge (removes organic impurities and bad odour), reverse osmosis membrane (removes dissolved contaminants, chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, etc), mineralz fortification (balances the pH level of purified water, while adding naturally occurring minerals and salts), silver impregnated taste enhancer (removes organic residue and enhances the taste of water), germicidal UV (disinfects water, making it free from microbiological impurities), and revitalizer cartridge (restructures water molecules, improves mineral absorption, hydration in our bodies).

Havells Water Purifier – Perfect Balance of Performance & Convenience

Probably no other water purifier can do justice to the amalgamation of performance and convenience, the way Havells water purifier does. The amazing performance of Havells purifier is attributable to 100% RO and UV purification, mineralz fortification, revitalizer, iProtect purification monitoring, electrical protection system, germicidal UV, and double purification through UV and UF. Havells water purifiers offer amazing convenience due to their compact design with 3 way mounting, zero splash faucet, smart alerts (process as well as error alerts), ingress protection tank cover, and removable tank (for cleaning purpose).

Havells Ensures 1 in a Million Service

With its wide network of well-trained and experienced service associates, Havells offers commendable product installation and post-sales service to its consumers. It promises 1-in-a-million service and works an extra mile to give personal attention at every step. Its service infrastructure is supported by technology led CRM which lets the service associates respond to the consumers within 1 hour from the time of complaint registration.

As the LED display on water purifiers indicates the possible source of error, our service associates generally diagnose the problem at the same time and attend to the problems promptly. Moreover, the service associates make sure that they visit your home according to your convenience with prior appointment. Havells purifiers are designed to indicate preventive maintenance alert, yet the CRM team will give a reminder and schedule a regular check-up of your water purifier. All in all, Havells follow a clearly defined escalation matrix to ensure that the consumers’ concerns are addressed without any delay, which in turn results in customer satisfaction.

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