Why You Should Drink Water Before Going to Bed?
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  • May 24, 2018
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Why You Should Drink Water Before Going to Bed?

We all know that water is essential for our survival. Apart from quenching our thirst, water also helps to keep our body hydrated, lubricate our joints, cleanse our skin, and does much more than one can think of. When it’s about drinking water before bedtime, different people have different opinions. Some people clearly avoid drinking water before bedtime so as to avoid waking up for urination and more so, because they have tough time in falling asleep again. However, some people regularly drink water before their bedtime because it makes them full and lets them sleep better. Some people do wake up to urinate and some do not. So, it actually varies from body to body and person to person whether they need to drink water before going to bed or not.

Irrespective of the case, water is the healthiest drink for humans and we should drink it at regular intervals throughout the day. It is generally recommended to have a glass of water before sleeping as it helps our body to keep and utilize the nutrients and minerals we need, to stay healthy. Drinking water before bed is beneficial in many ways, let’s check out how.

Keeps Your Body Hydrated

Our body needs water for its day-to-day functioning. During daytime, we lose a substantial amount of water from our routine activities. Unlike day hours, your body doesn’t utilize much fluid in the night as you sleep. So, drinking water before you sleep works effectively to restore those lost fluids and keeps your body hydrated to function well. And as your body is hydrated, you will wake up to feel fresh and energized.

Helps to Burn Extra Calories

You must have heard that water is a natural calorie-burner. Moreover, it doesn’t have any calories. Drinking a glass of cold water before bed helps in burning extra calories as your body needs to work harder to bring it down to your body temperature, thus, increasing your metabolism rate to burn calories. Since you’re not consuming any calories while sleeping, your body will work to burn the excess calories.

Helps You to Catch Some Good Night’s Sleep

As you drink water before sleeping, you are helping your body to restore its nutrients and minerals lost during the day. Water balances your hormones, muscles, joints and energy levels; it actually helps to relax your body and lets you fall asleep faster. A sound sleep, then, ensures that you will wake up feeling rejuvenated.

Flushes out Toxins from Your Body

We all know that water is a natural cleanser. It aids in flushing out toxins from our body. Our body gets toxins from food, air and other such elements, and it is important to remove these toxins. The best way to flush out these toxins from our body is by drinking enough water. Drinking water before sleeping helps in the digestion process and gives enough time to the body to flush out the toxins. This natural cleanser is the best bet for proper functioning of our body.

Restores Your Skin’s Glow and Suppleness

Our skin needs nourishment to appear youthful and glowing. And what’s better than water. When your body is hydrated as well as cleansed, it will reflect on your skin. Drinking water before bed reduces the process of skin ageing which generally occurs to dryness. It also helps to keep your skin naturally moisturized, while doing away with acne and pimples.

To Conclude

Considering the benefits of drinking bed before sleeping, you must try to incorporate drinking a glass of water before bed in your daily routine. It is healthy in many ways. Once your body is hydrated and cleansed, its nutrients well-balanced, the positive effect will reflect in your personality. Your digestive system will work properly, your skin will be moisturized, you will sleep better, and overall, you will feel energized.

However, keeping in mind the kind of impurities we get in the tap water, it is recommended to get a high-quality water purifier installed to get only healthy and clean water. You may consider the Havells range of RO & UV water purifiers which are crafted using the latest technology to offer absolutely pure and healthy water. So, drink only clean and pure water to assist your body in restoring its nutrients and in performing its functions well.

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