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  • October 1, 2018
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Cables and Wires Maintenance Tips for Industrial Use

Electrical cables and wires are the backbone of any factory as they carry the electricity needed for all kinds of industrial applications. Any interruption, even a momentary one, can lead to severe output downtime and in turn affecting the profit margin for any company. Needless to say, one must know some of the basic do’s and don’ts of proper installation, maintenance, and preventive measures for cables and wires.

Cables and wires are often the ignored bits of any factory installation as they may not be in the instant visibility of everyone and continue to operate day in and day out. However, they are no stallions and they need proper care at the time of installation and during operation.

If you are a factory supervisor or engineer who is entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring zero downtime at a factory then you must know the following basic guidelines on proper cable and wire management. This will ensure that they perform at their optimum level and to full capacity with minimal breaks.

Preventive Measures

It is best to prevent a problem than firefighting when it suddenly shows up during critical operations. So, before installations of a cable, ensure the following:

  • Prevent any type of crushing or impact on cable covering that compromises its durability
  • Avoid bending the cables beyond the recommended bend radius
  • Ensure there are no run-overs and tension
  • Consult a specialist on the right cable and wire use for a factory setup that may have unique requirements
  • Prevent any form of twisting and kinking during the installation
  • Always ensure that the cables and wires do not come in contact with any element (such as flame) that can damage them

Follow the recommendations

Always prioritize safety and the appropriate type of cables and wires for your specific factory setup.

  • The factory environment should not exceed the recommended ambient temperature for these cables and wires
  • They should be able to endure the mechanical strength that a certain installation will put on them
  • Safety and the carrying capacity of cables and wires should not be overlooked
  • Proper training should be given on proper cable and wire maintenance to the staff

 Proper Cable Adjustments

  • Cable ends can be reversed if possible to prevent only one end being exposed to harsh environments
  • They should also be checked for any drop in voltage as that can affect the operating machines
  • Proper tension must be maintained at all times
  • Backspooling can be prevented by tying the cables


  • Repair damaged cables immediately and always look for any visible damages to cables
  • Remove all damaged parts of cables and replace them with spare cables if a temporary fix has been applied
  • Maintain spare cables

Record keeping

Last but not least, always keep a record of cables and wires that can include the following:

  • Installation date of cables and wires
  • Noting down areas where breakdowns usually occur due to damaged cables and wires
  • Noting down the underlying causes of cable failure in the past
  • Preparing a preventive plan to identify and fix cable failures
  • Procedures to remove and replace damaged cables and wires
  • A plan for periodic analysis of cables and wires

As a factory in-charge or owner, it is crucial for you to know about proper cable and wire management to ensure minimal downtime. Also, to keep things running smoothly and efficiently. These guidelines outlined in this article will help you take preventive measures as well as proper corrective actions in case of a failure. Of course, nobody wants expensive outages that can set a factory’s operations spiral out of control affecting the bottom-line profit. Havells is an electrical giant that manufactures top-quality cables and wires for all kinds of uses including industries where downtime due to cable failure is unfathomable. Click here to know more about Havells Cables.

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