• by Havells India
  • October 5, 2020
  • Lighting

When aesthetics adds to safety: Colorscape lighting solutions

Have you in recent times taken a trip to Humayun’s Tomb, National War Memorial or Old Fort in Delhi or maybe visited or crossed the railway station of Salem, Mathura Cantt, Nagpur, or Tanakpur at night?

If not then trust us, you are missing on something. The Havells group has given these structures an enchanting transformation. The two historical monuments, the memorial and public transport hubs connecting India look mesmerizing under the moonlight and the Colorscape RGB architectural lights which have intensified and highlighted these buildings.

The makeover that includes the installation of flexible LED strips that provides an extensive pallet of colours to give a dramatic effect has enabled night sight tourism and enhanced accessibility. The extensive range of monochrome radiance and lighting patterns, accents, and colours have furthermore redefined the brilliance of the construction while making the area safe and secure.

The company, along with enhancing the place, also ensures providing essential facilities such as cleanliness, public conveniences, and drinking water. The surveillance system that works well with the colourful luminosity of the monuments adds to another critical dimension of these lights.

The energy-efficient LED lights installed in these areas emit a notably high level of brightness while turning about 70% of their energy into light. This makes them highly efficient, especially, in this case, when the brightness is required through the night. These sources of illumination also reduce the amount of scattered light, thereby ensuring that most of the light reaches the target.

Thus, for monuments, transport hubs, public plazas, bridges, commercial buildings opt for the state-of-the-art Colorscape lighting solutions from Havells that redefines the brilliance of the structure while increasing the security of the area.

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