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  • October 25, 2019
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A lighting solution for every corner of the home

Every festival has a story behind it that makes it unique and special. But, with it, there is one more thing that makes it even dearer, and that is the memories we amass each year. The laughter, the food, and the togetherness of family and friends lighten our life with smiles and positivity. This phenomenon, though a constant of every festival celebrated in India, is undoubtedly at its peak during Diwali, when along with dressing up and exchanging gifts, we also lighten and decorate the homes.

Thus, today, let’s focus on lights, a central aspect of this festive vibes that give the home a modern and bright appearance, after all, Diwali is also popularly recognized as the ‘festival of lights’.

So, with the plethora of illuminating devices available this festive season, lets took at the various options available by the Havells, a leading manufacturer in innovative lighting that will intensify the interiors of the residence.

  • LED Panel lights

The LED panel lights are a perfect blend of fashion and effectiveness and are ideal for a room with a low ceiling. But as it is available in various wattage, it is also considered apt for any ceiling height and adds to the appeal of all kinds of room. Its ultra-slim LED Recess panels range enhances the character of the place and adds to the aesthetics with its luxury designs. Another benefit of these trendy lights is its energy-efficiency and obtainability in different shapes that further helps to match any interiors.

Similar to them is the screw-less designed LED surface panels. The comprehensive series of these fittings offer a life expectancy of almost 50,000 hours, which is far more than any conventional lights. These ceiling lights are available in various patterns and can be used in areas where POP is not possible. It’s durability, easy installation, and innovative eco-friendly features further brighten any area without occupying additional space.

  • LED strips 

These brightness devices from Havells is a must-have primarily for two reasons-its availability in different colour-changing options and flexibility that allows it to fit into any space. The elasticity of the LED strips further enables it to be used creatively in highlighting a particular appliance or area, i.e. cabinets, backlights for television, or giving a ceiling an artistic presentation. Apt for the festive season, these eco-friendly lights are easy-to-install, consume less power, provides high lumens while extending a home with a touch of the extravagant.

  • LED COB Downlighters and Spotlights

Both aesthetically designed LED COB Downlighters and LED spotlights are specialized lighting devices that provide an accurate 36° beam which is ideal for highlighting the artwork or the centrepiece in a room. These lights further accentuate the décor of the room with its compact design and blends well with pastel-coloured walls. They work seamlessly with panel lights and heighten the overall representation of the room. These state-of-the-art adjustable optics are shock-resistant, provide international quality standards and are eco-friendly.

  • Decor Lighting

The home decor lightings are apt for emphasizing any room that will be the centre of the action with dinners and card parties during the festivities. These radiant, aesthetically pleasing and functional range of contemporary lights give a home a splendid refined appearance with its wide range of chandeliers, pendant lamps, sconces, and wall lights. These decor lightnings by Havells consists of the finest craftsmen and is recommended with energy-saving LED bulbs. Suitable for all home size, these lights add a sophisticated touch to the entire décor.

So, this Diwali season, brighten your home by selecting the right type of lights and placing it accurately to transform a room into a seamless combination of functionality and style. From a combination of LED panel lights, LED strips, Spotlights and state-of-art Decor lighting, and more, Havells lighting range has something for everyone. Along with these options, the company also offers the environment-friendly NU Bulb+ that spreads 14% wider light, burns 25000 hours more and provides a 340-degree rotation to illuminate your home beyond the festivals.

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