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  • October 22, 2019
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Create Right Ambient Lighting before Looking Beyond!

Every space has its own ambience. Some places could be impressive and welcoming, while some look simply unimposing, distasteful and uninviting. The ambience, mood and character of any space get defined by many factors like paint, interiors, decor, and lighting. Debarring the other factors in this article, we would restrict to lighting which is certainly a crucial aspect for any given area. Some places are created to have ample of natural light and they might not require any other light during the daytime, others might be dependent throughout on the artificial light.

The light that makes the most basic lighting, or that you use to replace the natural light, is the ambient lighting. Also known as generic lighting, ambient lighting is generally the light that you switch on as soon as you enter your room. It is the lighting that you need to observe the surroundings, to ensure safety and ease of movement. Intended to light up a room in its entirety, ambient lighting offers a consistent level of illumination all over the space without involving other sources of lighting. It could be achieved through a wall sconce, a batten, a panel light, or even a bulb. In fact, ambient lighting can also be a combination of accent, decorative, and task lighting. The type of light source you choose for ambient light depends on the type and use of the space or room.

For that generic lighting, you might have depended on a batten since times unknown because that’s the only light you have perceived. Most often than not, people don’t realize that they’re sitting in a dimly-lit room or a one with bright glare because they could not assess what’s the right light required in that particular room. The right ambient lighting is important because a poorly-lit room can not only influence the ambience, but can also affect the eye-sight, mental as well as physical health of a person.

So, actually, before heading towards task, accent or decorative lighting, it is important to achieve the right ambient lighting in your space. For living rooms and bedrooms, you can prefer soft white lights to get a warm even glow throughout the space. And to achieve more brightness in larger areas like utility rooms and garages, fluorescent lights are better. A combination of table lamp, surface lighting panel, or wall sconce may work for your ambient lighting requirements. You can also use different lighting fixtures to attain the perfect ambient lighting, or if you want to keep it simple, a couple of bulbs or battens might do.

Of course, even the most tasteful interiors could appear boring in the absence of right lighting. It’s always recommended to strike a balance of different types of lighting to get the right effect. A floor lamp might work as task lighting at some point of time and work as ambient lighting at some other time.  Likewise, the innovative NU Bulb+ by Havells is a smart LED light that can work for both task as well as ambient lighting. Its unique design offers 14% wider light spread than its twin NU Bulb, offering more brightness in the space.

Apart from that, you can use LED surface panels, LED lamps, LED battens, LED recess panels and even table lamps for your ambient lighting needs. Havells – the brand known for its premium range of electrical goods – offers a huge variety of lighting devices to resolve your illumination requirements. You can see the range to believe the lighting opportunities offered by the electrical giant. So, this festive season, light up your zone beautifully and brilliantly with Havells!

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