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  • October 8, 2019
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Brighten your homes with these 3 lighting options this holiday season

It’s October, and the festivity has already set-in. With the end of the auspicious Navratris to the next festival that celebrates the triumph of good over evil, Dusshera to the pious Durga Puja and soon the festival of lights, Diwali, all these festivities automatically lifts the mood and creates a happy milieu around.

However, these festivals are incomplete without illuminating and decorating your home with good lighting. In fact, the ritual of brightening the houses goes back during the ancient time and we can even see a glimpse of those times today during the Mysore Dasara festival which was said to be first organized in the 15th century by the Vijayanagara Empire rulers. During the 10-day festivity, Mysore Palace remains illuminated with thousands of lights hence, making lightening an essential part of  Dusherra.

This custom has carried on in the modern times’ except earlier the source of illumination was candles now it is the elegant and decorative lights. So, during this festive season, from the plethora of options available, purchasing the suitable light that not only adds to the utility and aesthetics but also complements the mood and creates positive energy becomes vital.

For this, before choosing the design which will surely raise the style quotient of the interiors of your residence, one thing should be uncompromised, and that is opting for LED lights this holiday seasons. They are a smart choice for two prime reasons, as many of you would already know- firstly, they are environmentally friendly and secondly, they are massively energy efficient. LED lights can save nearly 95% of all the electricity that feeds into the bulb being used as light. These superior lights are available in different colours, patterns and advanced technology from companies like Havells.

So, coming back to the several options that will undoubtedly brighten your life like it did Lord Ram’s when he won Sita from Ravana, let’s look at 3 major lighting choices in store for you this year-

  1. Lamps

The decorative pieces of lamps are as good as their radiation. Therefore, it is fair to say that lighting is all about the bulbs. Thus, one of the most cost-effective option to brighten your home is to choose the bulb that emits light everywhere. So, this festive season doesn’t just buy any lamp but select something that has a long life and can burn through the holiday season and also spreads its light across the room. We recommend opting for the environment-friendly, the mercury-free NU Bulb+ of Havells that promise to brighten your home with 25000 burning hours and spread 14% wider extra light with its improved angle.

  1. Décor lightings

The other option is of the decor lighting that plays a functional role in intensifying the home furnishings. Buying one which is not only of superior quality with remarkable designs but are also energy efficient is another lighting option for you all. These decorative fixtures come in the form of wall mounting panel, in dome or pendant shape and even as table lamps that give homes an overall artistic look. We would say for such requirements check out the contemporary wide range of Havells Home Decor lighting; they will surely impress you.

  1. Spotlights 

This kind of option is mainly for people who have carefully bought various paintings and masterpieces for their homes. The aesthetically designed spotlight when flashing on them can intensify the look of these crafted pieces while it perfectly blends with the interiors of your house. The spotlights from Havells is highly recommended because of its broad series with LED spotlights and COB LED lights that are durable and have state-of-the-art adjustable optics. These lights are perfect for low height ceiling, as it consumes less power and uses high-quality polycarbonate lens for the ideal transmission.

So, now that you know of the three alternative lighting options available brighten up your residence with the full range of Havells lighting products. In fact, there are more and to check out the entire range click here.

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