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  • October 7, 2019
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Drive out the darkness with NU Bulb+

Darkness is primarily depressing unless you’re seeking some time alone away from the grind. Just like oxygen, light is also necessary to keep ourselves going. Probably that’s the reason, the Sun is crucial for the continued existence of this planet. We cannot think of this world without this prime source of light and energy. Light is important to make our surroundings visible. Since ages, men have discovered different ways for being in the proximity of light.

From the time when Edison invented the electric bulb, the light through artificial means became the part of our living. And from the foremost bulb we have reached to the times of LED. As we all know, LED is far better than earlier modes of lighting in terms of efficiency and brightness, yet technological advancements seem to have no bounds. Havells Lighting, with its dictum of better light, better life, is exercising on new ways to brighten the structures and surroundings in a better manner.

The latest invention in the world of lighting is NU Bulb+ with a unique curved design by Havells. The idea behind this arc-shaped bulb is to create wider illumination, without installing more bulbs or other sources of light. If compared with its twin NU Bulb, this bulb spreads 14% wider light, thus, covers more area under light. Its curved design distributes light uniformly across the space and creates better illumination.

The NU Bulb Plus is available in 12W and 9W variants. It can be easily installed in an existing bulb socket through its swivel function. Its sleek and elegant design is going to add elegance and stylishness in your space, along with wider light spread. The best part about these advanced bulbs is that they give you the flexibility to customize your light orientation. As it features a 340-degree rotation, the NU Bulb Plus is a handy and flexible choice for illuminating your home.

With a long life span of 25000 burning hours and highly-efficient LED light source, the NU Bulb Plus will give you no reason to bother about brightness or frequent replacement of the device. Furthermore, its high-performance electronic driver ensures zero maintenance. Keeping the environment factor in mind, NU Bulb+ is designed to be eco-friendly with no traces of mercury in its making.

When you have got so many good reasons to switch to a smart lighting device, don’t delay further.  Switch to NU Bulb+ and eradicate the darkness from every corner forever. Choose from the 9W and 12W options – as per the brightness you require – and energize your space with the brightness of NU Bulb+. Its sleek design is going to enhance the aesthetics as well as functionality of your space. With festive season just round the corner, overcome all the dark spaces with right illumination. Let NU Bulb+ drive out the darkness!

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