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  • October 12, 2019
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Gear up for Diwali by protecting your home from electrical hazards

Diwali is just around the corner, and everyone is gearing up to celebrate this festival of lights by cleaning, renovating, and decorating their homes. This yearly action of replacing and refurbishing things is a ritual associated with the festival since its first celebration. However, as people prepare themselves by purchasing new interiors, and even gifts for themselves, some overlook a crucial aspect of a home that ensures their own safety — wondering what?

It is examining the conditions of electrical wires that circles a residence and connects the most basic to the most sophisticated devices such as telephone, air conditioner, a heater, smart televisions and computer networks. As these wireworks are the backbone of any home, thus periodically reviewing its status to safeguards not only the family but also the electrical equipment and the overall structure become vitals.

Hence, let’s look at 4 ways to protect your home from electrical hazards this Diwali-

        1.Replace Old Wiring

Once the wires get installed, most of us don’t even bother about it. This is fine but only if, your home is not in its silver jubilee year because that’s the approximate time limit considered when actual wear and tear of wires and cables happen. In fact, after 25 years, these electrical products become more susceptible to crumbling insulation, faulty switches, and frayed wiring as they become vulnerable to overheating and potentially start a fire. Hence, if faced by even a minor problem, it is best to replace the old wiring immediately.

      2.  Check for quality and safety test 

Inspecting the electrical wiring is another measure that ensures securing yourself against electrical hazards. The quality of cables can be verified by reviewing the fuse wire rating on each of the phases. Another indicator is to look for visible signs like damaged wires, sparks when plugging in an appliance around the home, constant fluctuations, etc. Though most modern houses will have electrical systems installed which minimise such problems, it is still advisable to get an annual check done as constant use of these cables can cause the insulation to deteriorate over time.

       3.  Measure insulation resistance and resulting current

Electrical hazards can damage both property and life. To avoid such a situation to arise, periodic checks of the wires and cables are hence essential. For this, it uses an insulation tester for measurements that foresees and eliminates the risk of short circuits and earth faults. The tester conducts the analyses between active and protective conductors by joining them to the grounding (earthing) system to check resistance. For instance, low friction would mean leakage. Hence, yearly surveys will not only reduce undesirable replacement costs and also, help avoid dangerous situations that arise because of faulty wiring.

      4. Avoid Overloading Your Extension Cords

Though the role of extension cords is to provide flexible electrical power cable yet overburdening them with high voltage equipment like mixers, grinders, air fryers etc. can be dangerous. This loading can lead to excessive passing of electrical current from various power rated tools which can thereby, damage the appliances. Thus purchasing the right power extenders that vary in capacity becomes essential. It is also necessary to level the cord to the size of the device. Therefore, as per recommendation, it is best to use extension cords that are a minimum size of 14 or 12. Furthermore, consider replacing a damaged appliance or tool before using them, else it can lead to a dangerous situation.

Thus, celebrate this festive season with Havells wires-that don’t catch fire. The company, a leader in this domain, ensures their electric wireworks offers flexibility, safety and reliability along with high insulation resistance and low leakage current. Thus, know more about the wide innovative selection of eco-friendly wires and cables that will make your home a safer place for both people and electrical appliances by visiting the Havells Flexible cable range.

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