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  • May 28, 2019
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Creating Smart Workspaces with Connected Lighting

Workplaces are on the constant lookout for ways to get smarter. You must be wondering why people strive to  create smart workspaces. The answer is simple – efficiency! Creating an efficient workspace directly translates to a productive work environment. The latest entrant to help you turn your workspace into an efficient one is Internet of things (IoT). Internet connectivity has become a part of daily objects and remotely controlling them has become easier than before. Introduce IoT into your office space easily with connected lighting!

Connected lighting is a lighting system that has sensors placed at several places and are connected to a common network. These sensors have the ability to sense temperature, humidity, air quality, brightness and much more! It is basically lighting simplified. Just with the assistance of a smartphone, computer or tablet, you can completely control your lighting system and avail all these benefits! Along with this convenience, it brings to the table several features that will help you to build an intelligent workspace.

Manage your data

Thanks to the sensors connected to a common network, data can be shared easily. And since lights are present everywhere, you can get a complete picture of the building at a central place. How does this help? Having real-time information about the building occupancy, gives you an opportunity to make amendments with respect to space, energy consumption and quality of light delivered. A complete access to all the floors and rooms from anywhere and everywhere is what connected light gifts you!

Manage your light

Connected lighting is a perfect opportunity to save energy in a large space like office spaces. You can schedule lighting as per the demand in your workspace. Since occupancy sensing is a feature of connected lighting, your rooms will be lit up on the basis of people currently occupying the space. Also, another attribute why it is an efficient energy-saving lighting system is its contribution to daylight harvesting. Dimming according to the changing daylight aids in reducing power consumption on a grand scale.

Manage your space

How exactly is space management and connected lighting associated? It’s simple. A constant real-time information about the utilization of different rooms in your building helps to gain an insight. This insight helps in your decision-making process regarding the real estate aspects of your workspace. If there are rooms that don’t serve the purpose effectively, you can choose to abandon them from your office map. In this process, you have economical benefits without compromising on your space requirements.

Manage your hue

Bored with the formal white colour in office throughout the day? Connected lighting comes up with options to change colours according to your mood. An intense light for improved concentration or a warm colour to soothe you while relaxing in the recreational room! Have a favourite colour combination? Some manufacturers also have systems which have the potential to save a certain combination. So, the next time you step into those rooms, you don’t have to go through the pain of setting it up all again!

Connected lighting is a good investment for any workspace planning to go smart. The initial expenditure can be recovered within a short time thanks to this premium lighting system. Among network control and Power-over-Ethernet, you can choose the category that suits your requirement the best. We, at Havells, aim to assist you to make the most out of your workspace with connected lighting, an enhanced lighting system. Because connected lighting system not only lights up your workspace but raises the bar by going beyond the capabilities of conventional lighting.

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