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  • July 19, 2019
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Ergonomic Lighting for Workspace Wellness

Today, the modern workforce spends majority of its time on any given day in offices. What does this indicate? The nature of the vicinity has a direct impact on the health of people, basis on which the efficiency and productivity of the business depends. While designing workspaces, organisations often prefer brightly illuminated spaces, intending to create the right ambience for their employees. Often, it transforms into another reason contributing to the degradation of their vision and overall health along with longer screen time. To achieve employee well-being in its true sense, it becomes imperative to select people-friendly lighting options and designs that adhere to employees’ health.

A healthy illumination

Standing true to workplace wellness is Architectural lighting under Havells Impressions range, an ergonomic professional lighting solution. With its light fixtures having low Unified Glare Rating (UGR), it keeps people at a safe distance from bearing the brunt of overly lit workspaces. As per LEED 4 requirements, Havells has light fixtures with UGR levels as low as 6, meeting EN-12464 and luminaires with limited brightness (<2500 candelas per square meter). For different luminance, lamps are shielded at different angles for glare-free light control.

The problems that arise due to glare lighting are brought to rest by the CRESCENT LED, MIRAGE PW LED and similar luminaires under the Havells Impressions Range. Having high transmittance special micro reflector optics with deglaring covers and UGR as low as 6, slim LED profiles of MIRAGE PW LED become the ideal choice to suit up offices. The CRESCENT LED has special profiled PC diffuser that provides widespread low glare direct and soft light. Equipped with automatic shading and dimming controls, light fixtures also have light controls to respond to daylight appropriately. As they do not radiate harmful UV or IR radiations, safety of employees indoors is completely assured.

How will these glare-free lights make a difference?

  • Creates a positive and pleasant workspace environment
  • Observed to influence the mood of employees and increase productivity
  • Appropriate brightness causing no harm to anyone’s health
  • Adopting lighting solutions like indoor architectural lighting from Havells that meets Green Building principles like LEED, guarantees efficiency at no cost to the environment

Introduce your workplace to these benefits with the minimalistic and highly efficient lights of Havells. Achieve optimum efficiency and productivity, the two things that businesses aim to achieve, with the right choice of lighting.  Along with adding value to the ergonomics of workplace, Havells Architectural lighting solutions also enhance its aesthetics!

Witness minimal glare and reduced hazards at workplace with Havells low-glare Architectural lights!

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