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  • July 15, 2019
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Architectural Lights: Blending Eco-friendliness and Employee Wellness

There’s no doubt that for any organisation, its growth relies heavily on its employees. After all, if people are highly motivated and happy to work, it helps the company graph move upward. Realising this, companies are always on the lookout for better strategies to improve employee comfort. In the view of this, lighting technology is an arena that has been explored in great magnitude by several companies to enhance employee wellness and efficiency. According to the World Green Building Council’s research, exposure to natural light increases productivity by 18% and better lighting in general pushes up work rates by 23%.


Making the best use of this insight are Havells professional lighting solutions aimed to create a highly efficient environment at workplaces. Apart from boosting the aesthetics and ambience of your space, they are well aligned with Green Building norms like LEED 4 (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) & WELL, which focuses on the impact on human health through air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort, and mind. With LEED 4 compliant lighting devices, transform your lighting experience to a more streamlined and user-friendly one. Adhering to the Green Building principles helps to tap into employees’ unexplored potential causing no harm to the environment.


Choosing the right lighting solution for your workplace could be tricky since it involves multiple factors that need to be paid attention to. Since employees spend several hours in a confined space, their exposure should be to the right kind of environment that enhances their performance and not degrades it. Here are some crucial numbers laid out by LEED 4 and met by all lighting solutions at Havells:

  • Havells architectural lighting solutions address the discomfort caused by glare of lights. Low Unified Glare Rating (UGR) contributes to convenience at workplace. Lighting fixtures at Havells have been designed with extremely low UGR, <6 for direct/indirect light and <10 for direct light, meeting the lighting requirements of LEED 4.
  • As per LEED 4 requirements, all indoor lights from Havells have a colour rendering index (CRI) of 80+.
  • All indoor light fixtures offered by Havells have a life of 35000 to 50000 hours where LEED 4 guidelines require at least 24000 hours.
  • With high efficacy light fixtures from Havells, LPD requirement of less than 0.64 W/sq. ft. for overall office floor including driver losses can be achieved.

While Havells hit the right numbers with respect to employee well-being and environment friendliness, it does not restrict you to experiment with the look and feel of your workplace.


With products like MIRAGE under Indoor Architectural Lighting, you can explore limitless design possibilities at your workplace along with improved employee productivity. Thanks to its low UGR. Choose anything from Mirage’s standing light, sleek light or suspended wide light and enjoy a well- lit, healthy and stylish ambience.

As Charles Darwin rightly said, only the fittest will survive. To make your organisation the best place for an employee to thrive, choose technologies that are sustainable and eco-friendly. Like WELL promotes, cater to your needs in a holistic approach and watch it work wonders for you! Know More! 

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