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  • July 11, 2019
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Limitless Design Possibilities with Architectural Lighting

Emerging professionals today consider several things when assessing while applying to join a company.  The term refers not just to the monetary compensation, but also the experience that a workspace offers. This assessment has outdated the two-dimensional approach that companies took in the past. The cubicle culture, as it was, is rapidly being replaced with designs that reflect company values. And, at the heart of the process are architects and designers.

In the initial stages of designing a commercial space, one realises the value of proper lighting. Every texture, angle and arrangement in design is aligned for a seamless experienced, once it’s illuminated the right way. This makes architectural lighting extremely important as it takes the functionality of your design and adds aesthetic value to it.

With LEED and WELL certifications becoming a priority for businesses across industries; employee productivity achieved through their wellbeing is the preferred way to go. This is where architectural lighting begins to play a pivotal role as it enables you deliver architecture that enhances employee experience from end to end.

Havells India has reinvented itself in the niche of architectural lighting and provides a springboard for you to experiment and further evolve your workplace designs. The Impressions Range has been put together to remove all limits when it comes to designing a workspace.


It becomes quite important to blend design with lighting in a manner to bring out the grace of the architectural elements at play. Be it a conference room, working areas, or the reception, opting for luminaries that effortlessly blend in can heighten the levels of productivity. Opting for the range of Havells Crescent LED Lights enables architects to blend impressions and design with their excellent illumination and long life. Their high transmittance profiled PC diffuser optics make way for symmetric lighting distribution. The curved shape of this fixture adds another layer of design, thereby enabling you to take inspiration from architectural marvels around the globe.


Whether you are broadening your designs to a conference room or narrowing it down to an indivdual room, design intent always matters. Nowadays, we see several professionals breaking away from the norm of heavily designed walls and ceilings. Opening newer areas is a priority. Havells Mirage F LED is a free-standing lighting fixture that is the answer to bringing out design intent in a flawless manner. The hassles of installing suspended light fixtures and adjusting your ideas around them are out of the picture altogether with them. They enable you to turn lights around and put the spotlight on the task.


Workspace designs come to life with better illumination. Installing a low glare light fixture will illuminate the space providing comfort that will result into a more fruitful working environment for the professionals. Havells Professional LED lights are one such product from their Professional Lighting Range that are rated with an extremely low UGR, i.e.<6 UGR (Unified Glare Rating). Such architectural lighting options are increasingly chosen by interior decorators and designers alike to give a ‘healthy glow’ to their corporate renditions of a tasteful workplace.

Talent acquisition today has become a calculated game of creating lasting impressions. It is a two-way process where the company as well as the candidate assess each other. This assessment factor makes it important for workspaces to be designed in a manner that makes an employee want to work in it.

This is flawlessly achieved through sophisticated design of a space that reflects both the company values and imbibes them. In such a space, architectural lighting doesn’t just come into the spotlight; but through LED lights like Havells Mirage LED profiles, it creates a tasteful illumination to light up productivity and wellbeing.

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