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  • July 10, 2019
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Experience the best with Havells Impressions Range

The way we live and work has undergone tremendous changes over recent years. Today, a professional’s life is denoted by long working hours and stress. Thus, professionals seek to create and work in healthy environments that enhance their productivity and quality of life.

Lighting plays a vital role in creating healthy work experiences. Lighting solutions that blend in employee well being, sustainability, and aesthetic appeal are becoming a preferred choice of businesses. In view of the changes in lifestyles and preferences, Havells India brings to you a range of architectural lighting solutions that promote a productive environment and offers limitless design possibilities. Our Impressions Range is all about creating better experiences that lead to a quality life.

Lights up Comfort

Now bid adieu to the discomfort caused when your eye comes in contact with bright source of light. Welcome visual comfort at your workplace with Impressions Range by Havells that comes with a low Unified Glare Rating of as low as <6, meeting LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and WELL (focuses on human health) requirements. The Polycarbonate Diffuser softens the light and offers glare-free, even illumination.

Mirrors Natural Light

Studies conducted across the world suggest that natural light boosts health and productivity. To combat stress and enhance efficiency, lighting experts have been innovating to craft solutions that reflect natural light patterns as experienced by humans. Lighting fixtures by Havells mimic the variation in sunlight throughout the day to offer professionals the comfort of a space laden with nature indoors, thus, improving productivity.

Offers Creative Freedom

From recessed to suspended, Havells impressive architectural lights come in varied options to allow architects and designers to unleash their creativity. Havells Destello lights, which come in various sizes, can be attached and fit into the ceiling to create flawless lines of direct light or creative patterns to enhance the look and feel of the space. If you want to create softer illumination then suspend these lights from the ceiling. Havells architectural lighting is designed to experiment and accentuate the aesthetics of your workspace, while not affecting functionality.

Contributes to Energy Conservation

Businesses are constantly seeking solutions that allow them to contribute to the environment. Apart from improving your workspace’s ambience, these lighting solutions from Havells are compliant with Green Building norms like LEED and WELL. Go green with Havells Impressions Range and invite end to end comfort and efficacy in your business.

Havells smart and sustainable lighting like the Impressions Range acts as a holistic solution to create futuristic workspaces that keep people at the centre of their design and operations. Go ahead, drive the future, attract talent, and climb the ladder of success sustainably with Havells Impressions Range.


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