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  • August 21, 2018
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Portable Solar Lamps = Savings + Convenience

Imagining our world without lighting is almost impossible. Yet there are areas where people still keep their work and activities restricted to the daytime since they don’t have access to artificial lighting. According to the estimates, over 1 billion people across the globe still use candles, kerosene lamps and other such methods to keep their surroundings visible in the dark hours. Not only these methods are unsafe, but they also call for a regular supply of fuel.

Considering that electrification might take long or probably not feasible for some places, solar lamps can be a great boon. A solar lamp, also called solar light or solar lantern, is actually a lighting system that consists of an LED lamp, solar panels, battery, charge controller, and possibly an inverter. The lantern works on electricity from batteries which get charged through the solar photovoltaic panel. Solar lamps are perfect for areas where there is no electrical grid, or remote areas that don’t have a reliable electricity supply.

Advantages of Portable Solar Lamps

Solar lanterns are absolutely safe to use, and have almost negligible operating cost since they use free renewable energy from the sun. Moreover, solar lamps do not produce air pollution like kerosene lamps. They are compact, portable and provide adequate illumination. These lamps use renewable energy, thus, are environment friendly and free of operational cost. These lamps are easy to use, convenient and durable; they can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Havells Range of Portable Solar Lanterns

With benefits that extend both to your wallet and to the environment, solar lamps make the best choice for providing lighting powered by the renewable energy. Havells, with its thought of Let’s End Darkness, has come up with portable lighting solutions, powered by solar energy, to keep you going without any trouble. In its range of solar portable lighting, it offers Solazen Wall Light, Lumina Solar Lantern, and Glanz Solar LED Torch, which are truly compact, portable yet efficient.

Solazen Wall Light

If you’re looking for something truly portable with minimal maintenance, Solazen is the apt solar-powered light that offers effective lighting without any complicated set-up or even cables. This incredible light has an in-built rechargeable battery which charges up during the day and helps to light up after dusk. It also features an in-built motion sensor which assists the light in switching on-off automatically, lest there is any movement. It doesn’t only save energy, but also provide much-required security.

With Solazen, you incur zero operational and maintenance cost; it’s absolutely easy and safe to install, suitable for outdoor application, and has three modes of operation to suit the different needs of customers. It can also detect its surrounding ambient light conditions and switch itself on-off to maintain appropriate lighting levels. This wall light with PIR sensor is a great choice for outdoor lighting, accent lighting and security lighting.

Lumina Solar Lantern

This is a portable lantern with a solar charge panel that can be an ideal partner for camping. Havells Lumina Solar Lantern is a 3.2 W solar rechargeable LED lantern which comes with a 3-step dimming option and features SOS mode too. It has solar panels which are capable to retain the solar energy and assist in illuminating the surrounds when required. The Lumina offers bright white light with 360° illumination.

Glanz Solar LED Torch

This is a LED hand held solar rechargeable light that comes with a mini-USB charging port too. The Glanz features a maintenance-free battery, two-step dimming option and embedded solar recharge panel.  It offers bright white light . This versatile solar LED torch can be charged through the solar panel and mobile charge adapter as well, which makes it absolutely a must-have for every home.


Solar lamps are definitely resourceful, efficient, eco-friendly and convenient way to illuminate the surrounds. Whether it’s a remote area or a metro city, a garden or a camping site, indoors or outdoors; the solar lanterns are beneficial in every manner. Once you are through with the acquisition cost, you can enjoy adequate lighting without spending a single penny for years. Experience the eco-friendly source of illumination. Let the light lead your way with Havells Portable Solar Lamps!

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