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  • July 31, 2018
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Top Reasons to Brighten Up Your Space with LED Strip Lights

If you’re bored with the age-old incandescent lighting and you don’t want to go with the on-going CFL or LED bulbs, then LED strip lights are something that you must consider. Given to their durability, functionality, colors, safety and decorative uses, the LED flexible strip lights make an excellent choice to be used anywhere. To get more reasons to brighten up your space with LED strip lighting, read on.

Easy to Install – The first and foremost reason to try out these lights is their simple installation. Yes, most of the LED strip lights come with adhesive backing which can be easily peeled and attached to any surface without any hassle.

Energy Efficient – The LED strip lighting is energy efficient and consumes up to 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs and 50% less than CFLs. So, they actually make a great lighting option given to their low energy consumption and better brightness.

Flexibility – The best feature about LED strip lights is their flexibility which allows them to be used on curved surfaces, at corners, under shelves, in cabinets and almost anywhere, unlike the traditional bulbs.

Non-Toxic – The LED strip lights do not have mercury or other hazardous chemicals, unlike the fluorescent lights. So, they don’t call for special discarding or pose a health risk if dropped.

Durable & Long-Lasting – The ribbon lights are made using long-lasting components, built to endure harsh conditions. They are designed to withstand heavy vibrations, outside elements and external force.

Cost Efficient – Even though LED strip light costs more than its counterparts, its flexibility, durability and energy efficiency make it cost efficient in a better manner. These lights are definitely less expensive than LED bulbs. Moreover, you also need not to spend money on their maintenance, tools or lighting fixtures.

Eco-Friendly – Since they contain no harsh chemicals, the LED strip lights can be easily recycled. Moreover, their durability and low energy consumption make them the best way out to environment-friendly lighting.

Low Temperature – The LED lights have low running temperature, unlike the traditional bulbs and CFLs which use almost 90% and 80% of their energy as heat. So, this is another good reason to install LED strips, especially when you have children, pet and heat sensitive areas.

Waterproof – The strip LEDs are also available in waterproof tubes and ribbons. So, they are perfect to be used in fish aquariums, on automobiles and in outdoor areas.

Infinite Number of Uses – You are only limited by your creativity, that’s what we can say for LED strip lights when it’s about its uses. You can use them the way you want and at any place that you want to brighten up.

Create Interesting Designs – Using lights to create interesting designs has never been that simple, but you can easily make inspiring designs with LED strip lights. You can install them under cabinet, use them to backlit your television or even form a virtual sky in your ceiling; the options are endless.

Appealing Light – As expected, the LED ribbon lights are very appealing and what actually adds to their appeal is their variety of warm, bright as well as cool hues. Needless to say, these lights have been crafted painstakingly to deliver the best lighting effects.

Safety – Amongst all the lighting options available in the market, LED lights are definitely the safest option. Given to its outstanding features, it can be used anywhere without any fear.

Variety of Colors – Not like the traditional lights, the LED light strips are available in a range of solid colors as well as color-changing options. So, you need not to stick on to any particular color.

Long Life Expectancy – The strip lights have a life expectancy of almost 50,000 hours, which is not expected from any conventional light. You can use them without any fear of sudden break-down.

Customizable – Another great reason to adore these lights is that they can be customized as per the requirement. You can actually customize LED strip lights to fit any area by cutting it to the preferred length.

Low UV Emissions – Since LED strip lights emit very little infrared or UV light, they make an ideal choice to use around light sensitive materials, for example, artwork.

Better Light Distribution – Given to their high quality, the LED light strips can produce beautiful light distribution effect. You can use your creativity to bring out the best disbursement lighting effect.

Instant Lighting – The LED strip lights don’t require to heat up to illuminate, unlike the fluorescent bulbs. The moment you turn on the switch, you will get lighting instantly without any flickering.

Dimmable – Thanks to the technical innovations, the LED light strips have been developed to create the desired mood and ambience by dimming or brightening the light using a dimmer.

On a Concluding Note

The LEDs are not just limited to bright colors; you can get them in a range of hues and colors. Using LED strip lights, you can actually create a lovely space without spending much money or effort. Use your creativity to unleash the most inspiring lighting designs. To get started, try out the smart range of LED strips from Havells. These flexible strip lights are USB-enabled and battery-enabled to offer infinite options of using them. Be creative and get surprised with the results!

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