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  • September 29, 2020
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Should you invest in Solar Carports?

For solar or electric cars to be a success in India or anywhere in the world, solar carports are inevitable. The innovative technology which is now becoming a part of almost all commercial buildings comprises ground-mounted solar panels that have dual benefits- providing valuable shade in the parking lot and generating clean energy for reduced utility costs. Going by its primary function, this technology is apt for a country like India, mainly because solar radiation is ample here. Thus, leading companies like Havells are investing and creating this cost-saving product, keeping the customers at the forefront.

Apart from being beneficial for cars, the other advantages of the highly efficient solar carports are-

  • Optimum usage of free space: The most significant benefit for companies when installing a carport is that it requires no additional area. In fact, they can use the same parking lots and convert them into the best source of savings. The shade panel also enables the automobile to remain safe during extreme weather that may sometimes lead to overheating, etc.
  • Versatility: Solar panel carports are customizable as per the business requirement. From size to style, everything can be as tailored according to the need of the customer, making it easy for businesses to add this feature to the existing parking space.
  • Lowering energy bills: Solar carports help in cutting costs by making use of the free-form of energy. The centrally managed system also allows in the analysis of future expenses of corporations, which thereby helps in handling better cash flow and making informed investments.
  • Sustainable & Environment friendly: Reducing the carbon footprint is essential for the environment. Thus, by installing solar carports, enterprises can contribute towards sustainability and green ecosystem.
  • Low maintenance cost- Solar carports are easy to maintain and demand little to no service. Anyone can access them easily, making it convenient and acceptable.

Solar carports are one of the best sources of alternative energies, and especially with Havells that provide the highest warranty, businesses can think about upgrading parking lots safely and efficiently. The company also offers personalized Solar Car Port solution as per the requirement of customers with its latest state-of-the-art robust dual MPPT Grid Tie Inverter to generate the maximum amount of energy. They have also designed the structure to withstand a wind speed of 150 Km/HR.

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