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  • December 31, 2018
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Havells’ RCBOs Ensure Human Safety along with Electrical Devices

Everybody has heard about MCB or Miniature Circuit Board and are quite satisfied with it protecting their electrical appliances. But, what about the people who operate the electrical equipment? MCBs offer the very basic function of disconnecting the electrical supply to a home or office when it detects high flow of electricity through it. This is somewhat similar to the function of a traditional fuse-based breakers that were common in the earlier days. So, whenever there is a high fault in current due to short circuit or low resistance, MCB can help in disconnecting the electricity flow, therefore, protecting your equipment.

What MCBs cannot do is in the case of an earth leakage, which is common in homes when a failure of insulation occurs or when a person accidentally comes in contact with exposed and leaker electrical current. The MCBs will simply fail to detect such instances of electrical faults that can lead to instant deaths of people in homes and other indoor living spaces.

RCBO or Residual Current Circuit Breaker with Overload and Short Circuit Protection offer the complete protection to both electrical circuits and humans with protection against over currents and earth leakage faults. This residual current device constantly and always monitors the entire wiring installation of your home. This is done through continuously measuring the level of electric current that passes through a wire in one direction and then the opposite direction through another wire.

If it detects a difference in electric current level of more than a defined amount then it will instantly break the circuit. On the other hand, if there is an electric current missing on the reverse wire, then it means that there is an electric leak somewhere in the wiring installation, or it could be a leak due to a human being coming in contact with the circuit, which could cause electrocution and instant death. So, the device will disconnect the electric supply.

Now that an RCBO also provides overload (overcurrent) protection, which in other means that it disconnects the connection if the demand for current gets too high. Overloads can occur when there is a short circuit or overload due to too many electric appliances and devices drawing too much current at the same time. Without this protection, too much current can generate a lot of heat melting the wire leading to short-circuit.

The Havells’ range of RCBOs combine the best of MCB and RCDs in one device to offer superior protection of both electrical equipment and residents. These devices offer protection against current leaks and overloads at the same time, day in day out. Havells’ RCBOs also offer test button functionality that allows the user to test the circuit regularly to ensure that all functions are performing at optimum level. This provides absolute peace of mind that both the home and human lives are protected at all times.

These RCBOs also come with proper cable termination with 25 mm 2 slot safety shutter design that ensures that contacts are properly made and remain so throughout the operation. When such safety products do not have proper contacts of wires with mental conductors, it can seriously compromise proper functioning of the device in case of emergency. These human safety devices are also offered with proper inscription window with proper ON and OFF indication for easy operation. Depending on the residential size, load, and other factors, these residential current circuit breakers with overload and short circuit protection are offered in a wide range of operating current ratings that one may choose. The range is also manufactured to meet various safety standards. To learn about the entire range of Havells’ RCBOs, click here.

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