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  • October 27, 2018
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Protect Yourself and Your Home this Diwali with Havells Switchgears

Preparation for Diwali must be in full swing at home and office spaces. Decoration and renovation would also be at peak during this festive season. Why not put the safety and security of yourself, your home, and the electric products along with the face-lift of living spaces this Diwali?

Switchgears are probably one of the most vital yet overlooked safety electric equipment for residential homes, office spaces, and other commercial setups. They are a combination of fuses, circuit breakers, and disconnect switches that are used to manage, isolate, and protect electrical equipment and humans as well.

In other words, a switchgear equipment is designed to switch and interrupt the flow of current during both normal and abnormal conditions of electric operation. The most basic form of switchgear can employ the usage of a regular fuse (such as a tumbler switch) that performs the role of protecting devices and lighting equipment, but not much beyond that.

The sophistication and application of switchgears have evolved to a much greater degree now. Ordinary fuses do not suffice the needs of modern homes and electrical equipment. Most modern homes use one or other form of switchgear behind the MCB board that are neatly hidden away next to stairs or the main entrance door to a house.

Havells has an extensive range of switchgears for residential living and commercial spaces.

Circuit Breakers

The most rudimentary type of protection that most people are aware of is the MCB circuit breaker to protect electric devices and humans from overload and short circuit. These circuit breakers come in multiple specifications with different ratings for different types of load. You can choose from a range of circuit breakers such as miniature circuit breakers, high-rated MCBs, mini MCB isolators, isolator switching devices, and indicator lights.

Energy Saver

Developing countries like India have the scourge of unstable AC voltage supply that often damages expensive electrical equipment and appliances. The use of fuel-based generators, back-up inverter systems are in excess due to poor electricity availability. So, residential and commercial complexes choose an automatic changeover MCB solution that can operate round the clock. These energy-saving ACCL devices offer current limiting functions, real-time load switching thereby ensuring proper rationalization of generator power between multiple users. They offer features like internal battery to enable the timing function (daily and weekly) in case of power failure, minimum switching time, etc.

Human Safety

Switchgear are not only used to protect electrical devices and appliances but humans as well. Havells’ range of human safety devices enable efficient power distribution and effective grounding. The range of devices which are used for human safety do not let the residual current harm the human. They provide protection from overload, short circuit, faulty equipment, and so on.

Distribution Boards

Distribution boards as such do not provide active protection but they do add aesthetic appeal by covering circuitry where switchgears are used. They are no longer the ambiguously designed metal frames with loose doors, now they come in various colors, designs, and materials to match the décor and wall paint of a home or commercial place.

Surge Protection Devices

Residents and commercial spaces need continuous and stable supply of electric voltage which isn’t very prevalent in developing countries like India. Especially in coastal regions where the weather can vary a lot with thunderstorms and lightening causes frequent voltage surges, and this surge in voltage can damage every single electric equipment in a house in a fraction of a second if surge protection is not part of the circuitry. Havells offers surge protection solutions that inhibit transient voltages and divert surges into underground thereby protecting expensive electronics and appliances.

Control and Monitoring Devices

 Havells offers modular contactors for automatic changeover solutions to reduce downtime and ensure continuous operation of key electric functions in a household or commercial setup. They enable centralized control and remote switching of electric devices. These control devices are also homogenous with all of Havells’ range of switchgear products.   

To know more about the entire range of Havells Switchgears, click here.

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