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  • April 13, 2019
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Surge Protection Device – A Savior of Your Electrical Gear

Can you think of coming home where not a single electrical device is working to your respite? Possibly not. We all are addicted to them and why not, these equipments have made our lives easier and better for many good reasons. But what if you won’t be able to use them after just leaving them on standby mode five minutes back? Didn’t get? Yes, it’s very much possible due to surge events.

These days, you just cannot get away with electrical devices. Our residential, commercial and industrial set-ups need them for efficient functioning. These equipments may become non-functional due to over-voltage surges, which often happen because of direct/indirect effects of lightning strikes, switching of utility grid or capacitor banks, electrical accidents, turning on/off of nearby heavy load machines, AC chillers, motors, pumps, circuit-breaker tripping, etc.

The after effect of these surges could be terrible; it can cause destruction of the electronic circuitry components, logic failures and breakdowns. Moreover, the loss of operation, service, data and production can be more than the cost of damaged equipment. In fact, long term exposure to lower level transient over-voltages can also lead to premature ageing of equipment. So, it’s better to employ something that can ensure protection of your electrical gear.

For safe operations of electrical equipment, the surge protection device is extremely useful as it protects the electronic circuitry components from destruction due to surges, or high discharge current. Havells, a promising brand for electrical switchgear, offers a wide range of surge protection devices designed to protect your installation by restraining transient over-voltages and diverting surge currents to ground.

Some of the high-tech features that Havells SPDs boast of are visual and remote end-of-life indicators, simple yet professional installation of arrester modules, high terminal capacity – 35 sq. mm for ease of installation, bi-stable snap-pusher for easy installation and extraction from DIN-rail, finger touch-proof IP20, TUV tested and approved, CE compliant and so on.  Some of the surge protection devices on offer are given below.

Type 1+2 AC Surge Protection Devices

These SPDs are compact and offer an integrated solution equivalent to an automatically coordinated Type 1 and Type 2 SPDs. They provide protection from overvoltage surges due to direct lightning strikes (10/350 μs waveform) and from indirect lightning strikes and switching surges as well. They offer first level of protection in incoming supply panels and places where installations are generally provided with an external lightening protection system.

Type 2 Surge Protection Devices

These SPDs provide protection from over-voltage surges because of indirect lightning strikes hitting the building or surrounding area and switching surges (8/20 μs waveform). They make an important second level of protection in applications where Type 1 protectors are installed upstream. In fact, these SPDs are also used as first level of protection in residential, commercial or industrial applications which aren’t exposed to direct strikes or with no external lightning protection system. The Type 2 SPDs are suitable to be installed in main DB, in intermediate distributions boards and by the terminal equipment.

DataLine Surge Protection Devices

A lightening surge can also proliferate through telecommunications and data networks, damaging all the equipment like telephones, modems, computers, servers, faxes, fire alarms, etc. connected to these networks. Considering that these devices are critical to a companies’ communications and information processing, it is sensible to insure them against potentially costly and disruptive events. A Dataline SPD, when installed in-line directly in front of a sensitive piece of equipment, will increase their functional life and maintain the flow of your information.

In Concise Terms

After knowing the long and short of it, you now must be clear about the importance of installing surge protection devices in your residential, commercial or industrial space. It’s always recommended to give protection to your equipments rather than leaving them paralyzed from high discharge current. Havells offers a wide range of Surge Protection Devices which are also available online. You can choose from the selection the one that suits your requirements and give your gadgets a token of protection.

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