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  • September 7, 2018
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All You Need to Know About Water Therapy and Its Advantages

A human body on an average is 65% water which actually plays an important role in all the bodily functions. That is why, it is always necessary to replenish the water reserve of your body. If we talk specifically about water therapy, it is an absolute toxin cleansing therapy that helps you ward off diseases and lose weight together with many other benefits.

Water Therapy

Water therapy is a simple practice that calls for drinking one and a half liters of pure drinking water once you get up in the morning. Just gulp down four to five glasses of water before brushing your teeth. Once done, you can brush your teeth and have your breakfast or morning beverage after forty-five minutes. Last but not least, make sure that that you don’t eat anything for two hours after each meal during the day.

Benefits of Water Therapy

If you actually follow this water therapy, you can get rid of migraines and allergies, improve your metabolism and get many other health benefits. Given below are some health benefits that you can procure by practicing water therapy on a daily basis.

Flushes Out Toxins – Water works best for detoxification. It really helps in flushing out the toxins and maintaining the pH balance of your body. Practicing water therapy can do wonders for your skin by minimizing acne and blemishes, making it visibly clearer. It also also improves the functioning of your kidneys by diluting toxins.

Cures Constipation – Once you start following water therapy, your stomach gets in a better position to absorb all the nutrients from the food you eat during the day. This, in turn, results in proper breakdown and digestion of food, making bowel movements easier and thus, preventing bloating and constipation. Water therapy thoroughly washes out your gastrointestinal tract, while clearing-out your digestive system of all toxic substances.

Helps in Weight Loss – If you’re consuming enough water, it will not only help in improving your digestion but also in regulating your appetite. More often than not, we misinterpret our body’s signals of thirst for hunger and tend to overeat. Water therapy meets our body’s water requirement in a better manner and thus, prevents us from eating more food than we require. Moreover, drinking water helps in new cell generation which further leads to muscle growth and weight loss.

Prevents Dehydration – Dehydration in itself is a complex term, and has a number of diseases related to its acute symptoms. Some of the diseases are rheumatoid arthritis, migraine, hypertension, sinusitis, kidney stones, asthma and irregular menstruation. Water therapy aids in preventing and curing such diseases. It improves your overall health and well-being. Besides, water therapy makes it possible for you to stay energized throughout the day by replenishing your water reserves and preventing dehydration.

To Sum Up

While practicing water therapy, do consume the regular six to eight glasses of water during the day. Initially, it might be difficult for you to consume that much water. It might also make you uncomfortable, with the urge to urinate more often than normal. But after certain days, your body will get used to this change. And you will start noticing the amazing benefits that water therapy has brought in your body. Within 15 days, your skin will start looking healthy and glowing from within. Your digestive system will work in an efficient manner, and you will find yourself rejuvenated and energized throughout the day.

But before consuming water from that bottle, make sure that the water you drink is absolutely healthy and pure. Like the water from Havells Water Purifiers. Havells, upkeeping the trust of its customers, brings in a range of RO & UV water purifiers which offer nothing but pure water revitalized with naturally occurring minerals. So, without any delay, get a water purifier from Havells and start your day on a healthy note!

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