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  • July 30, 2018
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Simple Tips to Reuse the Waste Water from RO Water Purifiers

Every invention has its own set of advantages and drawbacks. RO water purifiers are no different as these machines give you pure and clean water, but also generate substantial amount of waste water. One might think why there is so much wastage! Actually, Reverse Osmosis (RO) purifiers filter impurities using a membrane technology, and sequentially call for extra water to clean the filter. For every litre of drinking water, this process throws away almost 3 litres of water. Since the purification process is slow and gradual, we don’t even realize that an alarming amount of rejected water is seeping out from the waste pipe.

We all know, water is a precious resource, and wasting water like that only augments the pitiful condition of declining reservoir levels. You cannot abstain from using water purifiers considering the quality of tap water. The installation team generally recommends installing RO units over sinks so that the rejected water gets drain out. But you can actually use this rejected water, which is high in TDS (totally dissolved solids) and inorganic salts, for different purposes to make it useful. Read further to find out how can you reuse waste water from RO purifier.

Uses of RO Waste Water

Use it in Household Chores – Mix the RO waste water with fresh water, and use it for mopping floors. Make sure to dilute it properly because high TDS content can lead to some salt deposition on the floor. You can also use the RO waste water to sink in the soiled utensils so that the food left on the utensils doesn’t dry up and get easily removed during washing. However, washing of utensils should only be done with fresh water.

Use it for Watering Your Plants – Yes, you can use RO waste water for watering your plants, especially in urban areas, where the TDS content in rejected water is relatively lower than in rural areas. Rejected water, which is high in TDS content, is not recommended for watering plants. However, it’s recommended to check the quality of water on different plant species.

Utilize it in Washing Your Car – Washing up your car requires a substantial amount of water. And using your rejected RO water for this purpose makes sense. You can mix the waste water with fresh water to give your car a good wash. By doing this, you can not only clean your car, but also end up saving a lot of water.

Use it in Toilets – You can use the rejected water in toilets for the purpose of flushing, or cleaning your bathroom fixtures and faucets. When using the rejected water for cleaning, mix it with fresh water to avoid discoloration, or deposition of salt on the fixtures.

Use it to Boil Eggs – Boiling eggs using the RO waste water is a practical idea. However, make sure to use fresh eggs so that they don’t break, and the edible portion of the eggs doesn’t come in contact with the water while boiling.

Use it to Clean Sewage Pipes – You can also use the waste RO water to clean the sewage pipe at home and kitchen. Since the rejected water has got high saline content, it has the properties to clean the grime and muck right away.

On a Concluding Note

Using these simple tips, we can actually end up in saving a lot of water. Since we all know that there is a shortage of water throughout the world, we all must inculcate such practices in our routine to conserve water. Remember that every drop counts and every drop is precious!

Havells, a premium brand for electrical products, offers an amazing range of RO & UV Water Purifiers, featuring a powerful 8-stage purification to remove all complex impurities from the water. These water purifiers offer absolutely safe, clean and healthy drinking water, which is pH balanced and fortified with naturally occurring minerals. As a consumer oriented brand with an eco-friendly approach, Havells supports the cause of water conservation and believes in using this precious resource in the best possible manner.

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