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  • August 9, 2018
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Types of Water and How Do They Affect Your Teeth?

We all know that whatever we eat has a direct impact on our physical well-being as well as our oral health. Our eating habits determine how our teeth look and how healthy they’re. For sure, if carbonated drinks aren’t good for teeth, caffeine and sour candies don’t do any good either. However, water is something that we indulge in to satiate our thirst and to keep our mouth clean. Most of us are ignorant about the fact that the type of water we drink also affects our teeth and overall oral health. Water consists of fluoride which plays a vital role in keeping our teeth in good shape. Read on to know about how do different types of water affect your teeth.

Bottled Water

Many people do rely on bottled water to meet their daily water requirements without giving a thought. But drinking such water in a long run can be really hazardous for your overall well-being. Once you break the seal of these plastic bottles, the water becomes susceptible to bacteria and particularly, when you keep it at the room temperature. Moreover, most bottled water lacks fluoride, which is an essential for dental health. In case you want to have supplements to maintain your teeth, you can continue drinking the water you want. But for all the good reasons, it is recommended to avoid drinking bottled water.

Tap Water

The water that we get in our taps contains numerous physical and chemical impurities. Even if the tap water has some important minerals and fluoride, many other impurities make it essential to purify tap water before drinking. Without purifying, drinking tap water can be harmful and can result in life-threatening diseases. In a country like India, drinking tap water without purifying is not advisable due to presence of contaminants which can adversely affect your health.

Filtered Tap Water

Many people also abide by filtered tap water which is no good either. Whether you use a filter that connects directly to the tap or use a pitcher filter, the end result is not clean water. This type of filtration might eliminate the physical impurities like sand and such other particles, but it doesn’t filter the hidden contaminants. It is as harmful as drinking the direct tap water. It is always recommended to invest in a quality water purifier so that you get pure, clean and healthy drinking water.

RO Water

Given to the presence of impurities in tap water, RO water purifiers have become a norm for every household in recent times. Many people advise to avoid drinking RO water in view of the fact that all chemicals, vitamins, and minerals get removed during the filtration process. However, water purifiers from Havells are different as they remove all the complex impurities while adding back naturally occurring essential minerals to the water. The purified water is pH balanced, thus, safe for consumption. Seeing that the water is purified and is fortified with minerals, RO water is safe to drink for your overall health.

To Conclude

Water is essential for our existence. We must drink enough water to keep our body hydrated and to keep our bodily functions in order. The way water flushes out the toxins from our body, it cleans out our mouth too. When we drink water, we simply give a good rinse to our teeth without even thinking. Since fluoride is important for healthy teeth, drinking water that has all the essential minerals along with fluoride is one of the simplest and healthiest ways to maintain our oral health. Drinking fluoridated water helps to fight tooth decay, cavities and also strengthens the tooth structure. With Havells range of RO & UV Water Purifiers, you get absolutely safe, clean, pure and healthy water which is fortified with minerals. So, get one and enjoy the purest form of water in your comfort zone!

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